Entry #3

Hidden within the Art Portal...

2010-08-12 16:54:14 by pacdudeJG

So I have no idea if this has been discovered yet, but when I was surfing the art portal today, I somehow managed to turn off all the age categories, or censorship buttons if you will. I was baffled upon the sudden fill of the page by a series of blocks...

Now it was quite obviously a puzzle, and I do enjoy a good puzzle... it was the end result that baffled me utterly.

Now aside from looking like the main villain from TRON, I cannot place the face of this man with anyone other than that of perhaps a realistic Dilbert... however he seems more familiar than that.

I remain baffled but excited of this discovery. Though after a brief dive into the forums I could find no mention of this portrait but I didn't go back more than a few months, and only in a few areas. I find the forums rather hard to navigate, and I do not post within them.

So perhaps someone can grant me an insight into what exactly this portrait is of?

Hidden within the Art Portal...


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2010-08-12 17:09:31

nice job,ive always wanted to peice together that puzzle,but i never could

pacdudeJG responds:

Well that answers my question that others have found it...